Whether it is an editorial for print or digital—or content that reflects your brand and connects with your target market— creating engaging, informative copy is my area of expertise.


Content creator, content curator, brainstorm, research, writing, editing

Core Editorial Skills

It all begins with research. And I cover my bases so I can brainstorm and fuel my creativity to write, edit and deliver copy with substance and charisma, producing informative, engaging editorial articles for print, digital and blog posts. Need marketing and pr initiatives that resonate with your brand? Hire a journalist who understands branding and conveys your voice in an authoritative way that resonates with your target demographic.


Language Lover

A graduate of Language and Literature, I am highly proficient in the Italian language, verbal, written and translation skills. I have translated and done voiceovers in Italian for training and trend videos and even an award-winning film. 

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